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Spreadshirt Writes a Declaration of Love to Customers

Published 10. Feb 2021 in Brands Company Events

As a grand finale to the “Love Week” campaign, Spreadshirt–Create Your Own sends out around 20,000 love letters to loyal customers.

Spreadshirt Writes a Declaration of Love to Customers

Spreadshirt – Create Your Own takes customer loyalty to a new level. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, loyal customers will find a personal love letter in their mailboxes. This is how this Spread Group’s brand for individual product design takes up an emotional cause, showing appreciation for the creativity and loyalty of the community. In total, SpreadshirtCreate Your Own is sending out around 20,000 love letters – some of which are handwritten – to German-speaking countries.

”We love building relationships with our customers, and we particularly admire the fresh ideas they keep coming up with to customize our products. Thanks to their creative contributions, Spreadshirt is where it’s at today. This is why we thought of a special thank you to show how much we appreciate their great work. The love letter we’re sending out consists of two sheets of paper – one written by us, and the other a blank sheet for a person dear to the recipient: a partner, family or friends. On both sheets we have printed a voucher worth €10 each, so that they can customize a product made with with love,“ says Sarah Meinelt, Marketing Manager at Spreadshirt–Create Your Own.

The blank letter will offer customers a nice occasion to express their appreciation for others during these testing times when many face-to-face encounters are no longer possible. The love letters will arrive at customers’ homes just a few days before Valentine’s Day. This means that customers can send their own declarations of love by personalizing blank letters for February 14th, 2021. The vouchers printed on both letters are also personalized and can be redeemed for an unlimited period of time.

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