Sustainability is Woven into Every Part of our Organization

We believe sustainability is good business. From our print-on-demand business model to our Code of Conduct and our approach to corporate responsibility — sustainable business practices are integrated into our DNA.

Our values

Our approach to sustainability is rooted in print-on-demand

We have valued sustainability from day one. Our print-on-demand business model means we’ll only produce something once it’s been ordered. This allows us to prevent common textile waste problems like overproduction and overstock, while offering our customers a personalized experience. We believe that this core element of our business is a vital part of our common fight against climate change.

Forward-thinking investment in our common future

As the future of the print-on-demand industry, we’re investing $10 million in new printing technology in 2019-21. This investment allows us to make the printing process as sustainable as possible by minimizing use of water, reducing energy, and using eco-friendly water-based inks. In 2013, we launched the Spreadshirt Collection, a partially-organic product line that’s sustainably produced in fair conditions under our Code of Conduct. We’ve learned how to do better business and drive positive change with eco-conscious actions.

Spread Group is a sustainable employer

We believe in fair and equal treatment in the workplace. We offer our employees flexible hours, childcare support, feel-good management and a healthy work-life balance. We hold ourselves accountable with a strict Code of Conduct and ensure that all of our factories and third-party fulfillment partnerships match our values and expectations for ethical working conditions.

Corporate responsibility towards the planet

We believe in taking responsibility for the impact our business has on the planet. We think globally and act locally. We have a green energy contract, use solar panels, have saved 200 trees a year by going paperless and offer our employees fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetables. Globally, our platform is the chosen partner of the Earth Day Organization, T1 International, and other non-profits with the common goal of making the world a better place.

We’re hiring – join us!

We’re a company of over 900 employees from over 40 different countries. If you’re ready to help empower and excite our customers one T-shirt at a time, we’d love to have you.

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