Committed to A Greener Future

As a fast-growing business with our own production facilities, we are aware of our responsibility towards our planet, our people, and our economy. We want to sustainably change and positively influence our business with new standards. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report shows in detail how we live the issue of sustainability.

We shoulder tomorrow’s responsibility by accepting it today.

We understand that real responsibility can be measured by the respect we show to our world and the people on it. This means that we must hold ourselves accountable for the sustainability of our actions. We want to strike a balance between the growth of our online business and the effects our actions have on our employees, our society, and the environment.

Return rate below 2%

Our return rate is at the industry’s best at just under 2%. We either donate or recycle whatever is sent back to us.

Paper-free production

We managed to save an equivalent of 767 trees per year since making our production almost completely paperless.

Sustainable choices

While updating our product range, we’re introducing sustainable alternatives on route to becoming the most sustainable made-to-order company.

A long journey

We are aware of the carbon footprint we leave as a company. This is why we keep improving energy efficiency in production.


Looking Forward

We know that we have a great deal more to do to make our business more sustainable. This means that we’ll need to make a bigger effort to reduce our waste and impact. Plans are in place to significantly minimize our footprint by 2025, e.g. by going fully plastic-free with European shipments before we tackle our North American consignments. With our eco-friendly product range and improved energy efficiency in production, we will sustainably reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable conduct means cultivating a harmony between our actions, the natural world, and the people that sustain us. Together we can make a difference for a greener future.