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In the Spotlight: The Marketplace Designer of the Month October

October 21, 2021 in Brands
Zombro is the Marketplace Designer of the Month October

Spreadshirt’s Marketplace has a lot to offer. Next to offering a home to more than ten million crowd-sourced designs ― contributed by some of the web’s most talented independent designers ― it highlights the diversity of our international community of partners. This series present the Designer of the Month.

Marketplace Designer of the Month October: Zombro

As you stroll around in the Showroom of October’s Marketplace Designer of the Month, you get wowed by a black and red ambience, just speckled with acid green for effect. Zombro, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Krefeld (Germany) sets the mood for Halloween with his eerily beautiful designs. Learn more about Zombro and discover more of his hair-raising work right here:

Introduction of Zombro, Spreadshirt Designer of the Month October

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