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Let’s reach for the stars! Our Spreadshop of the Month is “AstronoGeek”

December 09, 2020 in Brands

December is usually associated with the magic of light and sparkling stars. This is why we are very proud to announce that our new Spreadshop of the Month is AstronoGeek! The Shop is run by a French YouTube creator who takes his fans on a journey to vast astronomical heights.

Almost seven years ago, Arnaud (his name in real life) opened his YouTube channel with a focus on photo tutorials “Le studio de poche” and a Spreadshop along with it. The astronomy enthusiast, photographer and teacher had the ambition to spread his passion for the stars when creating “AstronoGeek” in 2015. Since then, his dedication to astronomy and ufology has taken the route of popular science, demystifying conspiracy theories in the process.

Let's reach for the stars! Our Spreadshop of the Month is “AstronoGeek”

And he has been quite successful in doing so. By now, AstronoGeek has amassed over 670,000 subscribers on YouTube. “Who is not interested in stars? (…) Basically, what I like to do is entertain: Make yourself comfortable and let me tell you an exciting story for the next 20 minutes,” says the YouTube creator.

Merch for the starstruck

As of late, AstronoGeek’s fanbase has been able to discover a newly launched merchandise feature on his YouTube channel. Next to his galactical videos and astronomical myth busters, the feature lets AstronoGeek integrate his Spreadshop to offer his merch directly on his YouTube channel. For his followers, this integration means a shopping experience without having to venture out to the stars.

“T-shirts have always been popular on my channel,” says Arnaud, who is quite pleased with the new linking feature. “It’s the small number of buyers that allows me to finance my channel and make a living, and make sure that all this content is completely free for everyone else. I like this business model, because it’s a win-win situation for everyone,” says Arnaud. When recommending YouTube merchandising to other YouTube creators, he emphasizes that “every job deserves a paycheck and on YouTube we don’t have one. So, what if some fans are interested in T-shirts with the channel’s logo on them, why deprive them?”

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Mayra Koziollek

Mayra Koziollek

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