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Spreadshirt continues North-American success story in Europe

September 15, 2020 in Brands Company
Spreadshirt continues North-American success story in Europe

Business Unit SPOD launches in Europe

Spreadshirt’s latest spin-off SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-on-Demand) is taking off in Europe and is now available in the Shopify app store. SPOD is a quick and easy POD dropshipping application for apparel and accessories. With SPOD, both offline companies and e-commerce shops can expand their product range with merchandising products in just a few steps and at no additional cost.

The SPOD application includes an embedded personalization tool (customizer), a constantly growing library of over 50,000 free designs and a range of currently more than 100 high-quality apparel and accessories. Printing is done on-demand in Leipzig (Germany), Krupka (Czech Republic) or Legnica (Poland) with Spreadshirt’s 18 years of experience in the background. The products are shipped worldwide.

Constantly growing success
SPOD was launched in North America in December 2018 and is already ranked as the second-best print-on-demand provider by Shopify. With production times of less than 48 hours for over 97 % of orders and return rates of <1 %, SPOD has already made its mark in terms of speed, quality and reliability. Especially during Corona SPOD has shown to be pandemic-proof. “With the increasing popularity of dropshipping in Europe, the interest in fast, reliable print-on-demand options for apparel and accessories is also growing. The market development and the seamless integration with Shopify make us very confident that in a few months we will be among the market leaders in this field not only in the US but also in Europe,” comments Robert Schulz, Director Fulfillment Business, on the launch of SPOD in Europe.

Shopify is also excited about the partnership: “Shopify wants to make it as easy as possible for people to build their own business and become entrepreneurs. With a strong local print-on-demand partner such as SPOD, the path to your own clothing or personalization brand is even easier. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with SPOD in Europe,” said Linda Guddat, Business Development Manager at Shopify.

Based on almost two years of market experience in North America, SPOD will continue to focus on crisis-proof, above-average production speeds, competitive pricing and the integrated personalization tool (Customizer), which is unique in the market.