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Spreadshop Cooperation with Independent Authors and Publishers

January 19, 2021 in Brands Company
Spreadshop Cooperation with Independent Authors and Publishers

Spreadshop is expanding its network in the international book market. A cooperation with independent authors as well as medium-sized and independent publishers will promote print-on-demand self-publishing.

Spreadshop – a Spread Group brand – is opening a new chapter in cooperating with the book market. Around 30 new partners have already been acquired in 2020. Further international cooperation with independent authors and publishers will follow this year. Spreadshop’s online-shop system offers great advantages to promote merchandise, especially for the self-publishing industry.

“Independent authors invest lot of time and money to promote their work with matching merchandise. Running your own online shop with Spreadshop reduces some of the burden and supports the promotional objective of independent publishers. Spreadshop is 100 percent free of charge and takes care of storage, printing, shipping and customer service. Print-on-demand merchandise opens the door to bring about more visibility for the author, which is a great means of branding,” says Marianne Gaborfi, Business Development Manager of the Spreadshop business unit.

Fanny Bechert, a freelance author and speaker from Thuringia, released her first self-published novel in 2015. Today she is a regular author at Sternensand Verlag alongside other authors such as D. C. Odesza. Having only opened her Spreadshop in 2020, it has already turned into one of the most successful online shops in the German-speaking book sector. “I’m a publishing author and wouldn’t know how else to get my merchandise out to people. With Spreadshop, I only need to upload my images, and my readers can order my merch on demand. That’s what had me convinced!” says Fanny Bechert.

About $16 million were spent on e-books worldwide in 2020.[1] Since this format is also one of the most common publishing formats for self-publishers in an ever-growing market, it offers authors like Fanny Bechert and D. C. Odesza low barriers to enter and permeate the market. In doing so, readers can easily acquire the book and the merchandise from the same source at any given time.