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Spreadshop x Pink Ribbon – spreading breast cancer awareness together

January 18, 2023 in Company Insights

Fresh designs, a new breastcare app – Pink Ribbon are finding innovative ways of reminding women across Germany to be vigilant against breast cancer.

Spotting signs early is key to survival. According to the German Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in this country, statistically affecting one in eight women at some point in their lifetime. Yet if discovered and treated in time, the disease is often curable. The most essential acts of ‘prevention’ are regular early detection checks, whether at the gynaecologist or self-checks at home. Thanks to their new breastcare app, Spreadshop partners Pink Ribbon Germany are supporting women by reminding them to never miss a check or appointment.

This new digital assistant is completely free, always available and loaded with of information on ‘breast awareness’. Designed to address the needs of women of all ages, it features an automated reminder for preventative check-ups and is currently available in seven languages. Being a non-profit organisation, the app is also free of adverts and does not require an account to use. At no point does any personal data need to be entered.

What’s more, the Pink Ribbon Shirt Shop is now brimming with new looks created alongside Spreadshop designers, taking the message of breast awareness from the digital into the material world. The ‘Power of Pink’ design is a stylish and effective reminder to check for lumps, while ‘Don’t lose hope’ is catchy and straight to the point, a symbol for positivity and courage for those undergoing treatment. Or there’s ‘every day we wear pink’, a design evoking a sense of solidarity, collective engagement and awareness of breast cancer.

“We are delighted to have found a strong supporter in Spreadshop for the crucial early detection of breast cancer in women. Both our campaign motifs and the new breastcare app help us achieve this common goal: reminding even more women about breast cancer screening,” says Sonja Prinz, who was behind the breastcare app at Awareness Deutschland GmbH, the umbrella organisation responsible for the Pink Ribbon campaign in Germany.

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Mayra Koziollek

Mayra Koziollek

Senior PR Manager