Less waste with made-to-order

Our business model is made-to-order. Made-to-order means a product is only produced once ordered in, and in the required quantity. Customers get exactly what they want, and we don’t produce overstock. This is how we can completely avoid wasteful overproduction. At just under 2%, our return rate is at the industry’s best. And if we do get returns, we either donate them to charity or recycle them for use as insulation wool.

Conscious and eco-friendly production

We keep investing in environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our direct-to-garment production uses less water when compared to industry standards. This is achieved with specialized Kornit printers, which use vegan ink to reduce water and energy consumption. And since transitioning to an almost completely paperless production in 2019, we have managed to save 767 trees per year by handling orders without paper documents.

Sustainable product range

We love eco-friendly and sustainably made products. Our sustainable products are made from organic, recycled, or environmentally friendly materials. We’ve set ourselves the goal to offer have the most sustainable product range in the made-to-order sector by 2025, thereby providing sustainable alternatives for conscious shoppers. This will involve making our products’ origin, materials, and certificates more transparent to help our customers shop more responsibly.

Durable product & print quality

We want our products to be durable, which makes them more sustainable and comfortable. Before adding a new product to our assortment, we test its durability and longevity by putting them through a series of test-prints and wash tests. We also take customer feedback into account to ensure that our products continue to meet our high-quality standards.

Renewable energy

Switching to renewable energy is an easy step to take if you are willing to accept a little effort. We’ve long switched to energy suppliers offering green energy for our EU servers and offices at our headquarters in Leipzig, and we’re exploring new avenues to do the same at our other sites.