Opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses

Our business model is based on giving everyone a chance to make money by selling creative ideas. Designers, companies, influencers, and everyone else can upload a design to our marketplaces or offer their merchandise for free online. This opens a door for independent designers to make money with their designs, and it gives those selling merchandise an extra source of income. We don’t charge for the service, and we take care of shipping and customer service.

Sustainable business model

After twenty years of experience in the industry, our company culture still prides itself of our friendly start-up vibes. The very special working atmosphere with flat hierarchies and a dedication to sustainable growth is what makes us special. Our business management has helped the company grow steadily over the years, while supporting our independent designers with some €17M per year.

Sustainable growth as a responsible employer

From the origins as a start-up in 2002, Spread Group reached a total of 10 million orders in 2021. In 2022, we cracked the $200 revenue barrier, and in 2023 we’re close to welcoming our 3rd millionth customer. Some 500 members of staff are employed at our offices in Germany and the USA, managing the print of about 10 million items per year. Over 1,000 people from 40 countries are work our sites in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the USA.