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Goodbye plastic! Spread Group goes plastic-free with EU shipping

March 30, 2022 in Company Responsibility

Spread Group is currently replacing its plastic packaging used for shipping with recyclable paper bags in Europe. Paper bags will have replaced all plastic consignments as a part of the sustainability initiative Committed to a Greener Future by the end of 2022. Large shipping bags used for bigger items or orders containing several products have already been shipped in 100% recycled paper bags since January this year.

The mailers have been embellished with both info text and distinctive design elements making a case for environmentally friendly shipping. The sturdy bags can be used several times before they being recycled in an eco-conscious way. The quest to find the perfect bags has taken several months, including a research phase and trial shipments. Once the European switch to plastic-free packaging will be complete by the end of 2022, we will tackle North American consignments next. It is our aim to go completely plastic free globally by the end of 2025.


Mayra Koziollek

Mayra Koziollek

Senior PR Manager