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Spreadshop Launches Brand-Ambassador Program

May 03, 2021 in Brands

Spreadshop continues its brand building initiative by launching a brand-ambassador program, exclusively for North American creators in 2021. Five brand ambassadors have already been recruited.

With its new brand-ambassador program, Spreadshop is now directly targeting content creators from all social networks. The idea is to establish a network of knowledge for creators to collaborate and expand their own merchandising brands by way of a long-term cooperation. Committed North-American influencers with outstanding knowledge of content marketing and awareness of authentic appearance will now have a platform to unite forces in order to become even more powerful.

“Prospects for our program won’t be pigeonholed into a particular genre. What’s important to us are content creator with a convincing personality and that they’re up for a real challenge. With their expertise in multimedia content, the brand ambassadors can work intensively with our design tools and offer real added value to other shop owners. What’s more, they help us view our platform from a fresh and creative perspective to identify untapped potential,” says Lauren Virgin, Influencer Marketing Manager and Project Manager at Spreadshop.

After registering on the online form, the most exciting applicants will meet Lauren Virgin and her team in a personal interview. The ambassadors will become the face of our Spreadhop brand, and as such receive a fixed salary and a personal Spreadshop point of contact to supply support. This partner cooperation will be openly and transparently communicated on the content creators’ channels.

Daniel Batal has been a Spreadshop ambassador from day one. Since 2018, he has been a successful YouTuber and YouTube marketing consultant: “I still know the company‚Äôs products from my time as a partner. Back then, I switched to another provider with a heavy heart, because I was excited about realizing the potential of the YouTube Merch Shelf. Today, of course, Spreadshop also offers that – so I’ve returned to my roots. It makes me very proud to represent Spreadshop as its first Brand Ambassador.”

Other official ambassadors who have recently signed on to help spread the word are popular how-to Youtubers Roberto Blake, Jessica Stansberry, Modern Millie, Thomas Garetz and Brian G Johnson. Expect to hear much more from our new Spreadshop Brand ambassadors soon.