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Spreadshop Sends Feminist Messages with Who Needs Feminism?

March 08, 2021 in Brands Company

As a merchandise partner of the independent organization “Who Needs Feminism?”, Spreadshop supports the feminist movement with empowering messages on clothing and accessories.

Jasmin Mittag is convinced that activism can improve the world. Inspired by a campaign run by US students, she founded the initiative “Wer braucht Feminismus” (German: Who Needs Feminism?) in 2012. With a traveling exhibition, online workshops, a social media campaign, and a podcast, Jasmin Mittag and her team have since been calling on people to share their own ideas of feminism, and to share these via social networks. Around 3,000 supporters have already taken part in the campaign, including prominent voices such as Franziska Giffey (Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth), Birgit Schrowange (presenter), Cem Özdemir (politician of the German Greens), and Sookee (musician and activist).

Mit Spreadshop trägt „Wer braucht Feminismus?

Their newly opened Spreadshop makes feminist statements and sends them out on T-shirts and bags. At the same time, they support the “Who needs feminism?” initiative with every purchase made. The shop itself is 100 percent free of charge for the operators, relieving them of organizational tasks such as the production, shipping, payment processing, and customer service, which are handled by Spreadshop. “Everyone needs feminism. The concept stands for equal rights and self-determination. Still, outdated stereotypes often get in the way of an unbiased approach to feminist issues. With our modern designs, we want to show that engaging with feminism is fun and can enrich people’s lives tremendously. We use all proceeds from our shop to further develop our projects such as the traveling exhibition with new items,” says Jasmin Mittag, head of the campaign, who also operates as a speaker, lecturer and consultant.

However, the activists’ endeavors are also met with blunt opposition. During an incident in Hanover, their exhibition stand of their campaign was vandalized by supporters of the far right. The latter replaced feminist slogans with their own, “Nobody needs feminism! Go home to your stove!” But Jasmin Mittag and her team were undeterred and kept going. In the latest edition of their monthly podcast „Wer braucht Feminismus?“ (German: Who needs Feminism?), they talk to various guests about their take on feminism.