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Techies and fans of robotics take note – Spreadshop of the Month “achNina”

March 11, 2021 in Brands

Almost 50,000 followers on Twitch, streams about robotics and 3D printing, and a shop with the right equipment for her fans. While Nina builds her robots, thousands of users watch her do it. Here’s a portrait of our Spreadshop of the Month: achNina.

As a child, Nina was already fascinated by technology. She quickly built her first constructions out of cardboard and tape. Now she streams on Twitch almost every day, filling the tech corner of of the streaming service with plants that scream for water and talking kitchen scales. ”I would actually call Twitch a kind of home by now, because the platform and the community have been with me for years,“ says Nina.

If you look closely, Nina’s stream sessions increasingly feature her recently launched merch products with blueprints and tech sketches. “I look forward to picking a mug or thermal mug from the shelf every morning. In the stream, people often ask where they can buy them. Fortunately there’s a merch command in the chat with the link to the shop,“ informs the studied architect.

Before joining Spreadshop, Nina took the printing and shipping of her fan gear into her own hands. Since the Twitch streamer has set her sights on many more projects year, Spreadshop is the perfect partner for her to design and sell achNina products – for free, and without much effort. ”I quickly ended up using Spreadshop, because it gives me the option to personalize my own Shop, and I get an option to customize organic textiles. And I fell in love with the thermal mug, I just had to have it,“ says the robot enthusiast.

Women and technology – achNina inspires others
Nina’s stream brings together tech geeks, families, and kids. Her audience is very mixed. ”I often get messages that I have inspired people to take up engineering programs or start a new hobby. I think it’s great that I can alleviate the fear of new challenges,“ tells us achNina. However, she has also had to deal with negative comments towards tech-savvy women online. „I had some thoughts about how I wanted to deal with it in the beginning. Fortunately, there are good moderators on the chat who take care of that sort of thing, so I usually don’t have to deal with it at all. Since children are also watching and I want to be a role model for them, such comments have absolutely no place in the chat,“ says the shop owner.