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CSR @ Spread Group: 5 Questions for Brooke Miller

April 28, 2022 in Company Responsibility

Success is part of her daily business: For nine years, Brooke Miller has been passionately supporting our Spread Group customers with maintaining the success of their merchandising business. As the North American Key Account Manager of Spreadshop, Brooke is dedicated to strengthening the relationships that our top sellers have with the Spreadshop brand through proactive communication, strategy, and motivation.

Her own professional career is also a success story: Brooke started as a graphic design intern at Spreadshirt in 2013, where she created custom apparel designs and online merch stores for our key accounts. The print-on-demand industry gave Brooke the opportunity to combine her passions for art and fashion in a fast-paced modern industry. She developed in her area of responsibility from classic graphic design to key account management and community management. In our CSR initiative “Committed to a Greener Future”, she is one of the most committed voices for sustainable business development of the Spreadshop brand.

Spread Group: How do you personally define sustainability?

Brooke Miller: I would define my personal views on sustainability as conscious living and considering how your actions affect the world outside of your own existence.

Spread Group: What motivates you to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Brooke Miller: Awareness. Staying up to date on social topics, culture, politics, etc. It’s easier to be sensitive to sustainability if you’re aware of how it impacts current reality.

Spread Group: What sustainability projects have you and your team already implemented?

Brooke Miller: As a company, Spread Group just launched the SpreadPeace campaign. It’s a Spreadshop with designs that promote global peace and all proceeds earned in the shop go to Caritas Wien, an organization on the ground in Ukraine helping distribute necessities.

Late last year, we also participated in MrBeast’s TeamSeas campaign to raise money to remove trash from the oceans. $1 from every bottle sold in every Spreadshop removed one pound of garbage for the duration of the campaign.

Our business model overall promotes sustainability. We never print until an order is placed, so no product is created unless it has a guaranteed home. We donate nearly all of our returned products to local charities. Our digital printers use vegan inks. Our production process is almost paperless. We have a long way to go, but I’m proud to work for a company who is constantly implementing more ways to be more sustainable.

Spread Group: What specific sustainability goals have you set for yourself?

Brooke Miller: Currently and in the near future we will hold interactive workshops with a focus on the social sustainability pillars that can include, creator mental health and social responsibility within the print-on-demand market.

Spread Group: What do you recommend to all readers who would like to further explore sustainability?

Brooke Miller: Make small changes in your everyday life. Be kind and sensitive. Volunteer. Donate to charity. Instead of scrolling past posts you see about world news, stop for a second and take it in. It’s hard to stay aware because there’s so much bad news, but there are so many good things we can all do to make a difference.

Spread Group: Thank you for the interview, Brooke!

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