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Fashion against Fascism: Spread Group teams up with Laut gegen Nazis e.V. to launch a online database tackling Nazi language

Hamburg-based association Laut gegen Nazis e.V. launches the “Fashion against Fascism” initiative together with Zalando and Spread Group.

  • World’s largest database of coded far-right language launched with the support of Jung von Matt and other agencies
  • The open source initiative collects right-wing extremist codes in order to actively combat their dissemination
  • New powerful tool for online fashion platforms to keep Nazi codes off their marketplaces
  • Partners across the German fashion industry who already joined the initiative include ABOUT YOU, Avocadostore, BAUR, bevh, bonprix, Fast Forward, Underpressure and Vinted

Following the globally acclaimed “Recht gegen Rechts” campaign, Hamburg-based association Laut gegen Nazis e.V. is taking the next step in the fight against the spread of far-right codes in collaboration with Jung von Matt. Together with co-initiators Zalando and Spread Group and other partners from the fashion industry such as ABOUT YOU, Avocadostore, BAUR, bevh, bonprix, Fast Forward, Underpressure and Vinted they are launching the new “Fashion against Fascism” initiative. The aim: to create the largest online database for Nazi codes in order to curb the spread of right-wing extremist messages in the fashion industry. With posts on social media and on the campaign site the initiative calls on the participation of the global fashion industry.

What’s behind the database?

The current database consists of almost 200 codes that are being used by far-right extremists to spread hate in society. This database is curated and constantly updated with insider information and anonymous user input on new emerging Nazi codes. Thanks to an API (Application Programming Interface), the database can be used by any brand that joins the initiative against the spread of far- right codes. A web crawler makes it easy for brands to check whether such codes are spreading through their own online marketplace without them knowing it.

More attention for the “Fashion against Fascism” campaign

The idea for the campaign was developed by the Berlin advertising agency Jung von Matt and is the follow-up to the successful “rights against the right” campaign. It was supported by 02100 Digital, responsible for programming the database solution, and the Berlin branch of the Swedish communications agency Redgert Comms. Together with Laut gegen Nazis e.V., the agencies are contributing pro bono in order to counter the rise of far-right ideologies in Germany, against which hundreds of thousands of people are currently demonstrating nationwide.

Jörn Menge, chairman Laut gegen Nazis e.V. explains:

“Experience from the ‘rights against the right’ campaign has shown that trademark law also reaches its limits in the fight against Nazis. But we aren’t satisfied with that. Where the legislator is not able to act sufficiently against the spread of right-wing extremist hate messages, we are now doing something. We also want to motivate other players in the fashion industry to get involved to help to create a safe environment for everyone.”

How Zalando, Spread Group, ABOUT YOU and Vinted use the new database

Zalando stands for diversity, inclusion, respect and openness. The ‘Fashion against Fascism’ initiative is a valuable addition to the strict product, content and brand guidelines we already have in place. Integrating the data from this new open source database into our systems will allow us to more actively combat right-wing extremism and its ever-changing symbols on our platform. We hope that our initial alliance with other players in the fashion industry will continue to grow in order to send a clear signal against right-wing extremist ideas. Only together can we prevent products with questionable imprints from being distributed or sold,” explains Pascal Brun, Vice President Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion at Zalando.

The mechanics work in a similar way at Spread Group. The global provider of individualized fashion and lifestyle products is expanding its existing database in this way. This will make it even more difficult to print garments with Nazi codes from now on. “As an open platform, we defined community standards a long time ago and established review processes to exclude discriminatory or inflammatory content. A larger team uses a multi-stage, software-supported review process to ensure that anti- democratic motifs or texts are not published and produced on our platform in the first place. The ‘Fashion against Fascism’ initiative helps us to join forces to prevent the spread of right-wing extremist symbols and to react automatically and on a daily basis to newly developed symbols. Our support for the open source database demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative ways to actively combat hate and discrimination,” says Julian de Grahl, CEO of the Spread Group.

ABOUT YOU Group employs around 1500 colleagues from 77 different nationalities. For this reason alone, diversity is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. It is fundamental for us to take our corporate responsibility seriously, not only in relation to our colleagues, but also towards society. We firmly believe that collaboration and transparency are the keys to drive change throughout the industry. That’s why we support the idea of the new open source database and hope that many more companies will join the initiative,” says Tarek Müller, co-founder and co-CEO of the ABOUT YOU Group.

Adam Jay, CEO Vinted Marketplace adds: “We’re committed to making the Vinted platform a safe environment for every member of our community. This includes extensive policies and tools to prevent the dissemination of content associated with fascist ideologies. In line with this commitment, we fully support the initiative ‘Fashion again Fascism’, recognising the collective responsibility of online fashion marketplaces to help mitigate right extremism.

About Laut gegen Nazis e.V.

The Laut gegen Nazis e.V. association has been fighting for our democracy and freedom for 20 years with initiatives, concert tours and protest actions. In the process, many campaigns have been launched, such as “Recht gegen Rechts”, which have raised awareness among millions of people worldwide. The association’s biggest supporters include Die Fantastischen Vier, Die Sportfreunde Stiller, Peter Lohmeyer and Culcha Candela.

About Zalando

Founded in Berlin in 2008, Zalando is building the leading pan-European ecosystem for fashion and lifestyle e-commerce around two growth vectors: Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to- Business (B2B). In B2C, we offer an inspiring and quality multi-brand shopping experience for fashion and lifestyle products to about 50 million active customers in 25 markets. In B2B, we are using our logistic infrastructure, software and service capabilities to help brands and retailers run and scale their entire e-commerce business, on or off Zalando. As an ecosystem, Zalando aims to enable positive change for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

About Spread Group

Spread Group is a global provider of individualized fashion and lifestyle products. With the brands Spreadshirt, Teamshirts, Spreadshop and SPREAD, it offers consumers, companies and content creators digital services for the individualization of fashion and lifestyle products. The common basis for all of the Spread Group’s services is a flexible software platform that enables deep vertical integration along the value chain. This includes not only product design, marketing and sales via marketplaces and online stores, but also production, payment processing, global shipping and customer service. With the Fashion Tech Fund Spread Ventures, Spread Group makes targeted investments in young technology companies that share Spread Group’s vision of more sustainable fashion production or distribution. The made-to-order pioneer was founded in Leipzig in 2002 and today operates four production facilities in the USA and Europe. In 2022, Spread Group manufactured over ten million products to order for customers in more than 170 countries and generated sales of more than 175 million euros.

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