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Follow-up: The radioeins gallery moves into Bikini Berlin

June 29, 2021 in Brands Company
Follow-up: The radioeins gallery moves into Bikini Berlin

Spreadshop and Berlin radio station radioeins are putting artwork by Berlin artists on T-shirts. The “radioeins gallery” campaign has just opened an exhibition in Berlin’s Bikini shopping center.

At the beginning of May, the virtual “radioeins gallery” was launched (click here for the news article). The joint campaign by Spreadshop and Berlin radio station radioeins is helping Berlin artists through the pandemic by printing their artwork on T-shirts. The “art to wear”, as the campaign website puts it, is available for purchase in the radio station’s shop.

Now the online gallery is coming to the offline world and can be experienced in an exhibition space in Berlin’s Bikini shopping center in Charlottenburg. Over the summer months, the T-shirts can be admired as canvases in a pop-up box. On site, visitors can order their favorite T-shirts directly to their homes via QR code in the online store of the radioeins gallery. Spreadshop takes care of the printing and shipping of the products.

We are happy that we can take our joint campaign to another level and that the gallery can now be seen in a real exhibition space. As a result, the artwork on T-shirts will gain even more attention and a much larger audience,” says Johanna Wallburg, Key Account Manager at Spreadshop.

Follow-up: The radioeins gallery moves into Bikini Berlin
“This is art. It can’t go!” is the message on radioeins’ campaign website

The proceeds from the sale of the radioeins gallery Spreadshop will be used to support artists in the pandemic. The following Berlin artists are participating in the campaign:

Franziska Maderthaner
Julia Maier
Matthias Dornfeld
Moritz Schleime
Roman Lipski
Kennet Lekko
Kim Dreyer

Detailed information about the participants, their work and their motives can be found on the website of the radioeins gallery.

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