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Spread Group Reinforces Sustainability Communication

January 10, 2022 in Company Responsibility

Silke Möller takes on new role in the communications team

SpreadGroup, the corporate parent of Spreadshirt, TeamShirts, SPOD and Spreadshop, has reinforced its communications team with Silke Möller, the new Corporate Communications Specialist. Silke is now responsible for communicating the company’s sustainability measures. With Spread Group’s new company-wide initiative Committed to a Greener Future, far-reaching sustainability standards are bound to be introduced over the coming years. To accompany this transformation, Silke will be in charge of continuous and transparent communication of sustainability measures and actions. She will also act as a consultant for company-wide CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. In her role, she reports to the Director Corporate Communications Eike Adler.

“At the moment, we are developing a CSR monitoring system for Spread Group. In the first step, we collect data to obtain an overview for the entire value chain. The aim here is to measure our CO2 footprint and to determine the concrete approach reduce our footprint with regards to CO2, water, and other resources,” Silke states on Spread Group’s next major CSR measures.

In addition to the carbon footprint, there are more topics entering the 2022 agenda. Packaging of all orders placed in the Europe will be carried out using environmentally friendly, plastic-free materials. The US-American market will follow suit with more sustainable packaging soon. Furthermore, the share of more sustainable products will be doubled by the end of this year. Some 40 organic product types from brands such as Neutral, Stanley & Stella and Continental Clothing have already been added to the range. Upcycling products such as breathable, individually tailored, and printable rainwear made from recycled plastic will also become part of the product range.

As a print-on-demand platform, Spread Group offers a more sustainable alternative to the fast fashion industry. Every order only gets produced once the customer orders. This more resource-friendly production approach is also reflected in a longer life cycle of customized clothing. There are very few returns, and overstocking can easily be avoided. With a return rate of just 4% this is significantly below the average of approx.16% in German online retail*.

Silke has been employed as a communicator at Spread Group since 2020. It was only consequential that she has taken over responsibility for sustainability communications with her many years of experience and training in CSR. Previously, she managed communications at the CBS International Business School in Cologne. She did the PR for the 8th International Conference on Sustainability as well as the Cologne Theme Weeks – Europe, and she managed key accounts at the Weichert-Mehner communications agency in Dresden. Her clients included the business and science location “Silicon Saxony” and the TU Dresden. Silke studied Communication Management & Translation Studies at the Technical University of Cologne and the University of Leipzig. Since 2020, she has been completing her part-time MBA in Responsible Leadership and Business Governance with a focus on ethics, CSR, and governance at Martin Luther University in Halle/Saale.

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Source: Business Insider Germany


Mayra Koziollek

Mayra Koziollek

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